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Labor and Employment

As long as there are employers and employees, there will be labor and employment law. Grower Ketcham has highlighted this portion of the firm's services for the simple fact that every business -- at some time in its evolution and history -- will need the advice and counsel of an attorney in the area of employment.

Our range of past and current representation has covered a variety of industries and businesses, including governments and municipalities, hotels, hospitals, retailers, and small-, medium- and large-sized employers in the defense of labor and employment matters.

Ever-changing law and governmental requirements for employers necessitate constant communication with our clients in this regard. Continuous changes in law and precedents in employment practices and liability have created a very complex landscape for businesses, one in which Grower Ketcham's ability to educate employers and quickly respond to issues is key. This proactive approach often leads to alternative resolutions and cost-effective management of employment concerns.

Our experience in Labor and Employment law includes but is not limited to:

ADA-related claims and violations
Age discrimination
Class action litigation
Discrimination and harassment of any kind
Employment practices and policy including training and supervision
Non-compete agreements
Officer and director liability and contract disputes
OSHA and workplace safety issues
U.S.C. Section 42 1983 actions
Sexual harassment
Race Discrimination
Wage and Hour and Commission Disputes
Wrongful termination
Whistle Blower Litigation
Title VII discrimination and EEOC claims
Unemployment, Social Security and payroll liability

Attorneys practicing in Labor and Employment Law:
Walter A. Ketcham, Jr.
Eric R. Eide

Jack E. Holt, lll
Ramon Vazquez